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Rental Age and Driver′s License:

Only the person(s) specified on the contract can drive the rented vehicle. Insurance does not apply to accidents or damages that may occur in the event that third parties not specified in the contract use the vehicle. Additional driver service should be purchased for people who will drive the vehicle other than the tenant. Person(s) who will drive the vehicle must be at least 23 years old and have a valid driver′s license for at least 3 years for economic and medium segment vehicles; For luxury segment vehicles, they must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver′s license for at least 5 years. At the signing stage of the rental agreement, it is obligatory to show the valid driver′s license document, the driver′s license documents of the people who come with a foreign driver′s license document, as well as the part of their passport showing their entry to Turkey, otherwise the rental agreement will not be signed.


Additional Driver:

The use of the vehicles by third parties is possible if the license and identity information of the additional driver(s) are included in the rental agreement, following the approval of the CIZGI LINIE official. Adding an additional driver to the contract is subject to an additional cost, and you can call our reservation center for price information.


Vehicle Delivery to the Address and/or Pickup from the Address:

Vehicle delivery to the desired address or vehicle pick-up service from the desired address is subject to an additional fee. You can get information from our reservation center as the surcharge varies according to the distance.


One Way Rental:

Returning the vehicle from the rental city to a different city where CIZGI LINIE′s office is located is subject to CIZGI LINIE′s approval and additional charges. You can get information by calling our reservation center as the amount of additional fee varies according to the region/office.


Delivery Delay / Extension:

Extension of the predetermined rental period is subject to CIZGI LINIE′s approval. Total rental period (number of days) is calculated over 24-hour periods and additional day fee is calculated for delays exceeding 3 hours.


Traffic Fines:

Penalties for all kinds of traffic offenses that may occur during the rental are the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant′s obligations in this regard do not disappear with the end of the lease. The traffic fines that we receive after the end of the rental are collected from the person or company whose name is mentioned in the relevant rental. The traffic fines paid by CIZGI LINIE instead of the customer are collected from the customer by adding the service fee.


Exit Abroad:

It is not possible to leave the borders of Turkey with the rented vehicles.



Vehicles cannot be rented with a full tank. When returning the vehicle, the warehouse must be at the same level as the warehouse content at the beginning of the car rental. For vehicles returned with missing fuel, the missing fuel difference will be charged at the time of return. Please purchase fuel according to your needs. Refunds cannot be made for vehicles returned with excess fuel.


Additional Products and Services:

The following services are provided upon request at the time of booking and for an additional fee, subject to availability. For price information or detailed information, you can contact our reservation center or rental offices.

- Child or baby seat

- Additional driver

- Winter tyres

- Mini Damage Insurance

- Super Mini Damage Insurance


Cancellation or Change of Reservation:

You can make changes in your reservation, add or remove additional products within the scope of availability and confirmation. These changes may cause price differences. By confirming the change, you accept the price difference.

If the reservation is canceled 3 days before the rental date, no fee will be charged.


Extension of the Rental:

The request to return the vehicle at a later date than specified at the beginning of the rental period is subject to CIZGI LINIE′s approval, primarily based on vehicle availability. The additional fee amount is recalculated according to the total rental day, cash is collected and a new contract is made.


Damage Guarantees:

The assurance included in the rental fees is Full Rent a Car Insurance.
The following explanations about the scope of assurance and additional assurances are for general and informational purposes and CIZGI LINIE reserves the right to change this information at any time.


a) An accident report from the nearest competent authority (such as the traffic police within the city limits, the local police station, the gendarmerie outside the city, etc.) to the place where the accident occurred, and the witness and address, similar documents and information, stating the way the incident occurred in detail, and the lessee, the lessor. Obliged to deposit and notify no later than 48 hours.


b) If the tenant does not have an obstructive condition determined by a doctor′s report, he must immediately notify the lessor of the accident. The tenant will not interfere with the damaged vehicle, but will take it under protection. Theft of certain things from the vehicle is under the tenant′s indemnification responsibility.


c) The tenant is obliged to pay the damages that exceed the limits in case of accident or damage to third parties. The lessee is responsible for the damages exceeding the amount collected from the insurance or the compensations that the lessor has to pay through recourse. The moral demands of the accident victims and their relatives are met by the tenant. The lessor′s right of recourse is reserved.


d) All warranties are valid within the period determined in the rental agreement. If the lessor and the lessee do not agree on an extension, the lessor disclaims all liability for any damage caused by the lessee and the lessee is solely responsible.


e) The lessee is directly responsible for accidents caused by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol and drugs or who does not have a valid driver′s license, and for accidents arising from or caused by the goods being transported.


f) The lessor has the right to demand compensation from the lessee for the damage and loss of work to the vehicle. The renter will be billed for handling the vehicle on the basis of the daily rental price via the current tariffs.


g) This contract shall be applied before all other contracts and protocols to be concluded between the lessor and the lessee. In cases where there is no provision in this contract, the other contract provisions become effective.


h) For the insurances to be valid, a traffic accident and alcohol consumption report must be obtained without moving the vehicle. The driver must not be 100% at fault in the accident, the vehicle must not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driven outside the permitted speed limit. Photographs must be taken showing the scene of the accident and the damaged condition of the vehicle. In the event of an accident, it is necessary to inform the CIZGI LINIE office or our customer service.


i) Windshield, side windows and/or headlight breakage, tire splitting, and damage resulting from use only protect you under the Mini Damage guarantee or Super Mini Damage guarantee in cases where a police report is not kept. Up to 3000TL in Mini Damage Guarantee. Up to 6000TL in Super Mini Damage Assurance. It is a package that offers the advantage of repairing the damage with the tenant′s declaration.


Fast Pass System (HGS) Terms of Use:

All our vehicles in our fleet have HGS. When your rental period expires, your HGS usage information reaches our offices and cash is collected on the return date of the toll. Since the collection process for the toll fee depends on the General Directorate of Highways, it is possible to collect later than the usual time. In case you pass through OGS toll booths with our HGS vehicles; You′re making an illegal pass. Illegal toll (as in other traffic violations) is paid by CIZGI LINIE to relevant government agencies and illegal toll (as in other traffic violations) is collected in cash at the end of the rental period.


HGS cannot be used in crossings from Osmangazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges, cash payment is required at the box office.

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